The Benefits Of Moving To The Dunes Condos

The Dunes is a great place to live in Florida. It is near the beach, and it is also near golf courses, and other recreation opportunities and the condos are very affordable. The Dunes Condos are a better deal than homes, and they are a lot cheaper than single-family homes. You can find some great deals on condos, and they are usually in the best locations in town.

Buying a condo can be a great investment, especially if you buy the condo in the right area. There are plenty of condos for sales in The Dunes, and when you move to that area you can enjoy spending a lot of time at the beach, and you can also spend a lot of time enjoying golf and other fun things to do.

Luxury condos are affordable in The Dunes, and you can usually find a condo that is going to work with your budget. You can find budget condos and luxury condos and everything in between. There are a ton of different condos to choose from, and you can find the best condo when you use a real estate agent to help you find the condo that you want to live in.

Using a real estate agent makes the buying process a lot easier, and you can get exactly what you want with a lot less hassle when you use an agent. The real estate agent is going to show you all the properties that match your search, and they will help you get the best price for your condo. Make sure that you understand what all of the fees are going to be before you put an offer on a condo. The fees can be expensive, and they can add up quickly, so you need to make sure that you know what the charges are going to be.

You want to have a reasonable budget when you are looking for a condo. Make sure you can afford the mortgage. You have to include the mortgage, taxes, and insurance when you are putting your budget together. You might also decide to rent out your condo if you are not going to be living there all year round. The Dunes is a popular vacation spot, and you can earn extra money if you rent your condo out.

The Dunes is a great place to live if you love the outdoors. There are a ton of things to do in The Dunes. You can explore the beaches, and you can also play golf and enjoy lots of different restaurants. If you love to relax and enjoy the outdoors, you are going to have a great time in Florida. The cost of living is low, and it is a great place to be when you are retiring because you are going to be paying a lot less for just about everything.

Your money can go a long way in Florida, and the condo prices are very affordable as well. You can get a huge condo for an amazing price when you move to The Dunes, and the real estate agent is going to help you find the best price for your condo. Think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want in your condo and you should also think about what other features you want in your condo.

Make a list of the features you want in your condo and try to get as many of those features as you can. The real estate agent will help you find the condo that fits most of your needs, and you can find some amazing condos when you do this. Moving into a condo is going to make your life easier, and you won’t have to deal with all the maintenance issues like you have to deal with if you own a house.

The condo association is going to take care of all of the exterior maintenance which means you won’t have to replace the roof or deal with the painting. You also have more freedom when you live in a condo because you don’t have all the same responsibilities that you have when you own a house. Investing in a condo in The Dunes will provide you with a great place to live.

MABX announces Tools software updates

As part of an ongoing effort to provide its members with a comprehensive and user-friendly construction project information software system, Mid Atlantic BX (MABX) announced three updates to Tools. These updates are based on member feedback and are intended to make research and navigation easier for the end user.

The first update is to the Tools “tracked project” feature. Each user’s tracked projects will now be sorted into three categories: bidding, pre-bid, and post-bid. This will allow the user to quickly identify how far along each project is in the bidding process. All tracked projects will still be accessible from the Projects drop-down menu and under a member’s user profile.

The second update includes changes to the organization of the Project Details page. The bid date for each project will now be listed directly under the project name on the Project Details page for each project. There will also be a tracked projects checkbox next to the bid date. These changes allow the user to navigate the different tabs on the Project Details page, while always being able to see the bid date and whether or not they are tracking the project.

The third update provides members with a convenient way to add themselves to the project bidders list. For each project, Tools users will now be able to click an “Add” button under the Project Contacts tab on the details page to quickly add their contact information to the bidders list.

MABX released Tools in February of 2013. Tools is a suite of cloud-based construction project information software applications that is accessible on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

MABX Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Target the Mid-Atlantic Construction Industry
MABX is the trusted information source for the Mid-Atlantic construction industry. Advertising or sponsoring an event with MABX positions your brand directly with industry professionals and craftsmen – building your brand and your company.

MABX Buyer’s Guide

List and advertise your company in the region’s most comprehensive construction buyers guide.
Received by nearly 8,000 industry professionals and owners. From general contractors and subcontractors to architects, facilities management and state and local municipalities, the MABX Construction Buyer’s Guide is the directory of choice for the Mid-Atlantic construction and design industry.

Online Advertising

Advertise online and get noticed utilizing MABX’s website and the industry trusted construction news source Construx. 
Covering the Mid-Atlantic construction and design industry, and Construx are online information and news sources rich with industry specific content, relevant news, and market insight pertinent to the construction and design industry.

Event Sponsorships

Showcase, promote and build your company’s brand.
Sponsor an MABX event and build your brand, establish new relationships, and gain prominent name recognition and awareness. Multiple levels of sponsorships are available, spanning from title sponsor through bronze.

  • Celebration of Excellence
  • Derby Day
  • Clay Shoot
  • Annual Golf
  • Networking Events
  • Member Appreciation
      • Presidential Golf Classic
      • Annual Meeting

MABX Fleet Fuel Program

Fuel Rebates Exclusively for MABX Members

We’re pleased to introduce the MABX Fleet Fuel Program with special fuel rebates from Sunoco® exclusively for MABX Members.

As a company doing business on the road, you know how costly it can be to fuel and manage company vehicles. In today’s economy, every cent you can save at the pumps can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Every minute you save on back-end administration – collecting receipts, reimbursing drivers, etc. – means more time for you to focus on growing business and managing customer needs.

As a MABX Member, you’ll automatically save 2.25% on every gallon you fuel each month at Sunoco, or up to 3% per gallon if you fuel at higher volumes. Plus every MABX Fleet Fuel Program participant could save even more through the collective buying power of MABX.

Program participants will not only benefit from these valuable fuel rebates, but from additional time- and cost-savings features including:

  • The ability to lower overall fleet management costs by setting driver purchasing policies
  • Access to over 4,700 Sunoco stations nationwide
  • Fraud protection with driver ID (PIN) and odometer prompts at the pump
  • Reports that detail where and when drivers have made purchases and for how much, helping to reduce unauthorized spending
  • Data showing how well vehicles are performing on the road
  • Reduced administrative time, consolidated billing and reporting with single management view
  • Easy online bill payment and account management

Whether your business has one vehicle on the road or several, managing those vehicles doesn’t have to be costly. Join the MABX Fleet Fuel Program: contact Carl Ray, Sunoco Program Manager, at 215.200.6687 or

It pays to be an MABX Member!

Introducing the Ensurex Employee Benefit Marketplace

More than a healthcare plan, Ensurex is a customized solution for your business – providing cost-effective, personalized health insurance options for your employees and greater certainty and cost control for your business … without sacrificing quality of care.

Building a better healthcare solution
The way we think about healthcare is changing. From escalating costs to legislative governance, choosing the right healthcare program for your company and your employees, without sacrificing quality of care, is essential to the welfare and profitability of your company.

From the association the Mid-Atlantic construction industry has turned to since 1938 for trusted construction information and support comes Ensurex, a fully healthcare reform compliant, private Employee Benefit Marketplace. More than a healthcare plan, Ensurex is a customized solution for your business – providing cost-effective, personalized health insurance options for your employees and greater certainty and cost control for your business.

Enjoy the benefits of being a member of Ensurex.
To learn more, contact Matt Scott at or call 717.724.0718.

Private Planroom

Publish, Manage, and Distribute Project Information More Effectively

Streamline the bid process with Private Planroom – a dynamic, integrated, online Invitation to bid and bid management solution developed for Project Owners, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and Sub/Prime Contractors.  Private Planroom is designed for construction professionals to post projects, manage bid documents and invite selected bidders in a secure, online environment – facilitating competitive bids and maximizing project margins.

  • Post project information electronically for distribution, management and bidder retrieval
  • Solicit targeted subcontractors and suppliers with customized invitations to bid
  • Manage project specs, blue prints, and addenda
  • Secure and control access to project information and details
  • View and track potential bidder activity

Regional Construction Project Information


Mid Atlantic BX provides construction project information and the latest construction industry news for markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic United States, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. The MABX online plan room contains construction project information for thousands of commercial, civil, bridge, dam, road, Department of Transportation, education, healthcare, industrial, military, multi-family residential, religious, institutional, water, sewer, waste water, power plant and other projects throughout the region. These building project leads contain the information, documents, specs, blueprints, and addenda needed to prepare a winning bid. Click on the state below to learn more about construction project information for that region.

Along with construction project information, MABX provides a wide variety of resources for general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, building product manufacturers, architects, engineers, and design-build professionals throughout the region.

This includes Construx online magazine, a reliable resource for regional architecture, engineering, and construction news.