MABX members are encouraged to participate in Membership Committees. Committees provide members with the opportunity to shape the future of the organization, as well as network with other industry leaders. To inquire about joining a committee, contact Stephanie Kinner.

Celebration of Excellence Committee
Subcommittees: Craftsmanship and Safety

The Celebration of Excellence Committee is charged with the responsibility to recognize and encourage outstanding craftsmanship from the entire membership by inspecting & interviewing the nominated work to determine the award winners. The committee also reviews companies who have demonstrated outstanding safety records by recognizing those who create a safe working environment. The process of honoring the winners includes an awards night featuring those who have demonstrated excellence in craftsmanship and safety. The event showcases their superior work and ability. The committee also oversees the Craftsmen of the Future program, honoring high school seniors who have shown dedication, skill and outstanding talent in their area of study.

Craftsmanship Subcommittee: The committee is charged with inspecting & interviewing the nominated work to determine those who have demonstrated superior work and ability.
Safety Subcommittee: The committee is responsible for reviewing companies who have demonstrated outstanding safety records and selecting the winning companies by recognizing those who have created a safe working environment.

Events & Professional Development

The Events & Professional Development Committee is charged with the responsibility to provide feedback and new ideas on events and trainings to determine both social and professional development functions beneficial to the entire membership. Such events and trainings may include an Economic Development Summit, Member Appreciation Event and OSHA Trainings, etc.

IT Trends Committee

IT Trends committee is responsible for semi-annual meetings to highlight the latest technology being used in the construction industry and to identify upcoming trends.

Membership & Market Development
Subcommittees: Design Professionals, General Contractors, and Subcontractors

MABX’s Membership committee is represented by a collaboration of industry segments consisting of Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Subcontractors, and Suppliers. The mission of this committee is to collectively engage and exchange membership and market development concepts and strategies to advance MABX membership acquisition and retention.

  • Design Professionals Subcommittee Mission: The Design Professionals subcommittee represents the Architect and Engineering industry to foster a closer acquaintanceship and understanding between the design community and contractors. The subcommittee will also seek to offer new ideas on educational topics and industry needs to engage the design community with MABX.
  • General Contractors Subcommittee Mission: The General Contractors subcommittee seeks to advance the general construction industry by offering programs and services to meet their needs.
  • Subcontractors Subcommittee Mission: The Subcontractors committee assists in developing relationships with the General Contractors and material suppliers. The subcommittee will seek ideas for programs, services and educational topics to meet the needs of the industry while engaging subcontractors with MABX.