Frequently Asked Questions

What is MABX’s project coverage area?

MABX reports on projects from the Mid Atlantic region. We cover in PA from Centre county east, western and southern NJ, all of DE, and northern MD. Click here to view the MABX project information coverage map.

What types of projects does MABX cover?

MABX provides access to public and private commercial construction projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region spanning the pre-design to post-bid phases. Projects range from demolition, road-work, and maintenance to vertical construction.

Where do I go to login to Tools?

There are a few different ways to access Tools.

From the home page, click on the Tools logo on the left-hand side of the screen. Once you land on the Tools page, click the MABX Login button.
Go directly to the Tools page at Once you land on the Tools page, click the MABX Login button.
From any page on the website, scroll over the Solutions tab on the menu bar, then select Tools on the dropdown menu. Once you land on the Tools page, click the MABX Login button.
Click here to log in to Tools now.

My username and password will not work?

Contact MABX at 866.499.2665 to receive your username or password.

Do I have to log in every time I access Tools?

To protect your account information, we set each account to log out when you close Tools. On the logon screen, you have the option to stay logged in by selecting the check box below your password.

Where to I search for projects?

Searching for construction projects is a feature available to Projects and ProjectPro members. Please make sure you are a Projects or ProjectsPro member.

The search function is one of the most convenient new features of Tools. Once you log in, you will land in the Projects application. There you will see a column on the left labeled “Project Search” and a box on the right labeled “Search Results.”

You can modify the search results by changing the criteria in the Project Search column. The column consists of text boxes, drop-down menus, check boxes, and calendar field containing the same search criteria we have always offered.

New Guided Search option – MABX recently launched a guided search for Tools, which breaks out the different project search options into a full-screen menu. To access the guided search, hover your cursor over the Projects button in the orange Tools menu bar, and select “Guided Search” from the drop-down list.

How do the search drop-down menus work?

Open the drop-down menu by clicking the arrow on the right side of the menu bar. Once the menu is open, check all search criteria that apply. Then close the menu by clicking on the arrow again.

How do I search by city or county?

We’ve simplified this process. Simply go to the county or city box and start typing the name(s) of the location(s) you would like to search. We have every city and county in our coverage area preloaded into the system. As you start to type, the suggested locations will appear below the text box. Once you find the name that you are looking for, either click on the name, or hit enter when the correct name is highlighted.

Can I search for more than one city and/or county at a time?

Yes. Enter as many into the text box as you like.

Can I search by project name?

Yes. In the Project Name box, simply enter all or part of the project name and click search.

What is the Project ID?

The Project ID is a number assigned to each MABX project by our Project Information Team. This is an easy way to reference any project in our database.

How do I track projects?

There are three easy ways to track projects in Tools. First, on the main Projects search page, you can track projects in the Search Results field simply by checking the check box in the first column (labeled “track”).

You can also track a project in the project details page by selecting the “Actions” tab from the Project Details menu, and clicking the “Track this project” button.

The third way to track a project is to hover your cursor over the “Projects” tab in the top menu, and then select the “Tracked Projects” option from the drop-down menu. This will open your personal “Tracked Projects” list. You can add a new tracked project by selecting the “Add project to be tracked” icon.

How can I save a project search?

From the main Projects search page, select your criteria in the Project Search options list on the left-hand side of the screen. Once you have chosen the desired criteria, click “I want to save this search” at the bottom of the Project Search options list. A box titled “Save this Search” will appear. Type the name of the search into the text box and click the “Save” button. If you want to add those search results to your nightly email, select the “Include the results of this search in my nightly email” check box at the bottom of the “Save this Search” box.

You can also set up a new saved search on the “Your Saved Searches” page. To access this page hover your cursor over the “Projects” tab in the top menu, and then select the “Tracked Projects” option from the drop-down menu. Set up your new saved search by selecting the magnifying glass icon.

Where can I find my saved searches and tracked projects?

You can access your saved searches and tracked projects from the Projects menu tab in the top right corner of the Tools page. Hover over the Projects menu tab, and select the feature you want to access.

Can I tell if I have already viewed a project?

Yes, all previously viewed projects will be highlighted in green on the Projects Search Results page.

What does it mean to search by project trades?

The MABX project trade criteria are based on the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat codes. Project Trades searches will only include projects where the specifications are available.

Private Planroom
I’ve received an Private Planroom Invitation to Bid (ITB). Where do I enter my invitation code?

If you are an MABX member, log into Private Planroom with your existing username and password from our homepage, Once you are logged in, enter your project code at the bottom of the page and click “submit.” Your page will update to reflect that you have now accepted this project to view in Private Planroom.

If you are a non-member, you will need to register as a nonmember. This can be done by clicking on Private Planroom from our homepage, Below the member login area, there is an option for “non-member registration.” Once registration is acquired, proceed forward as a member.