MABX announces Tools software updates

As part of an ongoing effort to provide its members with a comprehensive and user-friendly construction project information software system, Mid Atlantic BX (MABX) announced three updates to Tools. These updates are based on member feedback and are intended to make research and navigation easier for the end user.

The first update is to the Tools “tracked project” feature. Each user’s tracked projects will now be sorted into three categories: bidding, pre-bid, and post-bid. This will allow the user to quickly identify how far along each project is in the bidding process. All tracked projects will still be accessible from the Projects drop-down menu and under a member’s user profile.

The second update includes changes to the organization of the Project Details page. The bid date for each project will now be listed directly under the project name on the Project Details page for each project. There will also be a tracked projects checkbox next to the bid date. These changes allow the user to navigate the different tabs on the Project Details page, while always being able to see the bid date and whether or not they are tracking the project.

The third update provides members with a convenient way to add themselves to the project bidders list. For each project, Tools users will now be able to click an “Add” button under the Project Contacts tab on the details page to quickly add their contact information to the bidders list.

MABX released Tools in February of 2013. Tools is a suite of cloud-based construction project information software applications that is accessible on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.