MABX Fleet Fuel Program

Fuel Rebates Exclusively for MABX Members

We’re pleased to introduce the MABX Fleet Fuel Program with special fuel rebates from Sunoco® exclusively for MABX Members.

As a company doing business on the road, you know how costly it can be to fuel and manage company vehicles. In today’s economy, every cent you can save at the pumps can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Every minute you save on back-end administration – collecting receipts, reimbursing drivers, etc. – means more time for you to focus on growing business and managing customer needs.

As a MABX Member, you’ll automatically save 2.25% on every gallon you fuel each month at Sunoco, or up to 3% per gallon if you fuel at higher volumes. Plus every MABX Fleet Fuel Program participant could save even more through the collective buying power of MABX.

Program participants will not only benefit from these valuable fuel rebates, but from additional time- and cost-savings features including:

  • The ability to lower overall fleet management costs by setting driver purchasing policies
  • Access to over 4,700 Sunoco stations nationwide
  • Fraud protection with driver ID (PIN) and odometer prompts at the pump
  • Reports that detail where and when drivers have made purchases and for how much, helping to reduce unauthorized spending
  • Data showing how well vehicles are performing on the road
  • Reduced administrative time, consolidated billing and reporting with single management view
  • Easy online bill payment and account management

Whether your business has one vehicle on the road or several, managing those vehicles doesn’t have to be costly. Join the MABX Fleet Fuel Program: contact Carl Ray, Sunoco Program Manager, at 215.200.6687 or

It pays to be an MABX Member!